About Symra
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To folk dance gorups in other countries:
Symra is a very active folk dance group in Oslo, Norway. The group consists about 120 members, of which roughly 80 participate actively. We meet every week at our dance evenings, to practice our dances and to learn new dances. We always have live music (hardanger fiddle) and an instructor at our dance evenings.

In addition to the regular dance evenings, we participate in several other activities: Every year we arrange 4 public cources in "gamaldans" (= old pair dances like walts, reinlender, polca etc) or folk dances (square dances, song dances ..). We also regularly give cources in several village dances.

Quite often we give performaces for tourists, congresses etc with a good quality folklore program.

On several occations we have made trips to other countries to participate in folk dance festivals and to show our dances. In recent years we have visited, USA, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Praghe, Berlin, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Iceland.
We want to get in contact with folk dance groups in other countries, with the purpose of a possible visit to your country or to receive your group in Oslo. If you are interested, please contact us: e-mail to Symra.